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The state of Maine is known for it’s cold winters, and picture perfect summers. It’s hard not to be inspired by the beauty of the changing seasons, and that’s what you’ll find in Toby’s music. Known primarily as the founding member of Sparks The Rescue, Toby has been playing music since he was old enough hold a guitar. He spent his 20’s touring the world in a 15 passenger van with his best friends. When Sparks started to slow down, he settled back in Maine with his family. The pandemic brought on an unexpected source of inspiration, which led to the first solo EP for McAllister titled, Daydreamin. A few short months after it’s release, he was sharing the stage with acts such as Drake White, Kasey Tyndall, Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters, Eddie Montgomery, and supported Rhett Miller & The Old 97’s on a tour in Spring of ’22.

March of ’23 finds Toby releasing the follow up to Daydreamin with a brand new CD titled Autumn Skies. While Daydreamin is a fun CD written during the pandemic, Autumn Skies is a more serious combination of life, love, and rock & roll.  Backing him up on this recording is the rhythm section of Sparks which includes drummer Nathan Spencer and Ben Briggs on bass. This trio has been playing together for over 20 years, and have never stopped sharing their love for music, and a good song. Other talent on the CD includes Andrew Martelle from The Mallett Brothers Band, Hamilton Belk, a talented local steel guitarist and a featured guitar solo from Ken Bethea of Old 97’s.

2023 has some new and exciting opportunities in store for Toby and while on a career path that can sometimes be unpredictable, Toby appreciates still being able to create music for the pure joy of it.

Outside of original music, Toby is a full time performing musician. He has a wedding band called The Jameson Four who do upwards of 15 weddings per year. If you're looking to rock out your reception, please get in touch. 

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